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Burel Sellier | Marie-France Burel - Sellerie Maroquinerie de luxe Bracelets cuir Autruche Galuchat Barénia - Normandie
Marie-France Burel, artisan d'art et fabricant de ceintures sur mesure crée des produits haut de gamme, en sellerie et maroquinerie.
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To order or request a quote, please indicate the following features:
– Choose the shape;
– Choose the leather;
– Give the measurement of your wrist circumference.
Ex. Stirrup bracelet, glossy brown bull-calf, 17 cm.

As soon as we will receive your order or request for a quote, we will address you a confirmation of order or a quote. The payment can be carried out by bank transfer or online via the secured platform of payment Paypal. Costs for shipping abroad, on request.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us:
– By phone at 00 33 (0)
– By email at mfburel [at] burel-sellier.com
– By post mail at : Marie-France BUREL
961, rue du Val Caillouel – 27520 Bourgtheroulde – France

The shapes

Stud bracelet

Bracelet argent_Vignette2
Solid silver bracelet, simple wrap

Large bracelet in stingray skin

Bracelet crystal_Vignette2

Crystal stud bracelet

Bracelet double-officier_Vignette
Bracelet with copper-made double buckle

Bracelet galuchat_Vignette

Simple bracelet in stingray skin

Stirrup bracelet

Bracelet grand mors_Vignette2
Bit bracelet

Bracelet autruche_Vignette2
Bracelet in ostrich skin

Bracelet argent double tour_Vignette2
Solid silver bracelet, double wrap

Bracelet slim_Vignette
Slim bracelet

The leathers

Barenias calfskin

65-1a (1)
Gold barenia calfskin

Black barenia calfskin

64-1a (1)
Havana barenia calfskin

Barenia-Kaki-2Kaki barenia calfskin

Barenia-bleu-marineNavy blue barenia calfskin

Plain calfskin

Veau lisse Bleu royal
Royal blue calfskin

Veau lisse cerise
Cherry calfskin

Epson bordeau 3Claret-red epsom calfskin

Ebony Epson calfskin

Lagun bull-calf

Taurillon rose jaipur
Jaipur pink lagun bull-calf

Taurillon rouge rosso 2
Rosso red lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun bleu saphir
Sapphire-blue lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun potiron
Pumpkin lagun bull-calf

Taupe 2
Taupe lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun marine
Navy-blue lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun orange 2Orange lagun bull-calf

Light-blue lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun noir
Graphite grey lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun gold
Gold lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun lagon 3
Lagoon-blue lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun gris graphite
Black lagun bull-calf

Galuchat bull-calf

Glossy brown galuchat bull-calf

Raspberry galuchat bull-calf

Taurillon galuchat jaune
Yellow galuchat bull-calf

Black galuchat bull-calf

Sky-blue galuchat bull-calf

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