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Burel Sellier | Marie-France Burel - Sellerie Maroquinerie de luxe Colliers et laisses pour chien Colliers lévrier - Normandie
Marie-France Burel, artisan d'art et fabricant de ceintures sur mesure crée des produits haut de gamme, en sellerie et maroquinerie.
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Find here a wide range of colours and shapes of collars and leashes in order to dress your animal. Our collars are made of the same leathers than our belts, and manufactured following the same know-how. They are handmade in our workshop. Each collar can be matched with a lead, which is available in three sizes, 50 cm, 75 cm and 1 meter.

The prices of collars start at 48 euros, excluding shipping costs. The prices vary according to the size and the shape. Leads are from 68 euros, excluding shipping costs.

To order a collar or a lead for your animal, please, CLICK HERE

Cannelle porte un collier sellier en barénia gold

Cannelle wears a classical collar made of gold barenia

Collier doublé, taurillon orange et violet

Padded collar made of orange and violet bull-calf

Collier sellier en barénia gold

Classical collar made of gold barenia

Izia porte un collier pour lévrier avec sa laisse assortie, en taurillon ciel

Izia wears a greyhound collar with its matching lead, made of sky-blue bull-calf

Collier bicolore, barénia noir et taurillon blanc

Two-tone collar, made of black Barenia and white bull-calf


Design a made-to-measure collar for your animal!

Collier doublé taurillon bleu lagun et havane, boutons crystal

Padded collar made of lagoon-blue and havana bull-calf, with crystal buttons

Collier doublé taurillon framboise et havane

Padded collar made of raspberry and havana bull-calf

Cartouche porte un collier bicolore en taurillon rouge et orange

Cartouche wears a two-tone collar made of red and orange bull-calf

Vanille porte un collier bicolore orange et ciel

Vanille wears a two-tone collar made of orange and sky-blue bull-calf

Starlette porte un collier semi-étrangleur en veau nappa gold

Starlette wears a semi-choke collar made of gold nappa calfskin

Cookie porte un collier doublé taurillon rouge et barénia gold

Cookie wears a padded collar made of red bull-calf and gold barenia

The designs

Collier classique_Vignette

Classical collar


Greyhound collar

Collier doublé taurillon framboise et havane

Padded collar

Collier bicolore jaune_Vignette

Two-tone collar


Semi-choke collar

The leathers

Barenias calfskin

65-1a (1)
Gold barenia calfskin

Black barenia calfskin

64-1a (1)
Havana barenia calfskin

Barenia-Kaki-2Kaki barenia calfskin

Barenia-bleu-marineNavy blue barenia calfskin

Plain calfskin

Veau lisse Bleu royal
Royal blue calfskin

Veau lisse cerise
Cherry calfskin

Epson bordeau 3Claret-red epsom calfskin

Ebony Epson calfskin

Lagun bull-calf

Taurillon rose jaipur
Jaipur pink lagun bull-calf

Taurillon rouge rosso 2
Rosso red lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun bleu saphir
Sapphire-blue lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun potiron
Pumpkin lagun bull-calf

Taupe 2
Taupe lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun marine
Navy-blue lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun orange 2Orange lagun bull-calf

Light-blue lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun noir
Graphite grey lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun gold
Gold lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun lagon 3
Lagoon-blue lagun bull-calf

Taurillon lagun gris graphite
Black lagun bull-calf

Galuchat bull-calf

Glossy brown galuchat bull-calf

Raspberry galuchat bull-calf

Taurillon galuchat jaune
Yellow galuchat bull-calf

Black galuchat bull-calf

Sky-blue galuchat bull-calf

To order a collar or a lead for your animal, please CLICK HERE