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Burel Sellier | Marie-France Burel - Sellerie Maroquinerie de luxe Bracelets cuir Autruche Galuchat Barénia - Normandie
Marie-France Burel, artisan d'art et fabricant de ceintures sur mesure crée des produits haut de gamme, en sellerie et maroquinerie.
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We make bracelets and small leather goods in the finest precious leathers, such as stingray skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin, crocodile skin, and of course barenia calfskin. These leather jewels are handmade with fine completions, which make them unique pieces.

The price of a bracelet ranges from 36 to 145 euros, according to the shape and the kind of leather. Shipping costs are not included in the price. For shipping abroad, please contact us.

To order your own custom-made bracelet, please CLIC HERE

Bracelet bouton, taurillon marron glacé

Stud bracelet in glossy brown bull-calf – 36 euros

Bracelet galuchat

Bracelet in stingray skin – 65 euros

Bracelets bouton crystal, taurillon sable, rouge cardinal et noir

Crystal stud bracelets in sand, red and black bull-calf – 48 euros

Bracelets étrier, taurillon taupe, jaune citron et ciel

Stirrup bracelets in taupe, yellow and sky-blue bull-calf – 46 euros

Bracelet large galuchat

Large bracelet in stingray skin – 75 euros

Bracelet autruche et bracelet bouton en autruche, gris

Bracelet in grey ostrich skin and stud bracelet in grey ostrich skin

Bracelet mucem, taurillon taupe

Mucem bracelet in taupe bull-calf

Bracelet mors double tour, taurillon rose, orange et jaune

Bit bracelets, double wrap, in pink, orange and yellow calfskin – 58 euros

Bracelet autruche, bleu vif

Bracelet in blue ostrich skin – 62 euros

Bracelet bouton havane

Stud bracelet in havana barenia – 36 euros

Bracelet slim, gris anthracite

Slim bracelet in anthracite grey Epsom calfskin – 28 euros

Bracelet bouton, jaune citron

Stud bracelet in yellow bull-calf – 36 euros

Bracelets boucle cuivrée double-officier, taurillon sable et blanc

Bracelets with copper-made double buckle, made of sand and white bull-calf – 52 euros

Bracelets étrier, taurillon ciel, orange, rose et bleu royal

Stirrup bracelets in sky-blue, orange, pink and royal blue calfskin – 46 euros

Bracelets bouton, taurillons couleurs  et barénia gold

Stud bracelets in gold barenia and coloured bull-calf – 36 euros

Bracelet argent massif double tour, barénia noir

Solid silver bracelet, double wrap, made of black barenia – 154 euros

Bracelets étrier, taurillon rose jaipur, orange et barénia gold

Stirrup bracelets in jaipur pink and orange bull-calf and gold barenia – 46 euros

Bracelet mors argent massif, barénia havane

Solid silver bit bracelet in havanabarenia – 124 euros

To order your own custom-made bracelet, please, CLIC HERE